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Strategy Management

Providing Strategy Tools for All Stages of Growth

Teel & Company augments management's strategy capability with comprehensive solutions that provide real data and new insights for decision making.  We assist clients at various growth stages who are looking to perform better and compete smarter.  

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Our strategy management solution is designed to help management establish strategy routines that produce deliverables at regular intervals or address strategic initiatives through a project-based corporate advisory model as needed.


We assist in managing business and corporate strategy matters.  Our approach to strategy is to start vertically and deep, that is, at the business unit level, and end up horizontally and wide at the portfolio level.  This level consists of multiple enterprises in different industries.

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Teel & Company augments management's strategy capability with comprehensive solutions that provide real data and new insights for decision making


We work with clients to develop pricing and revenue models, perform price structure analysis, research value driver algorithms, draft pricing policies, advise on bundled solutions, and conduct competitive reference price reviews.


We assist clients in determining their customer's perceived quality in products and services to explain differentiation or low-cost strategies.  In addition, we perform capabilities strengths and weaknesses analysis and combine those results with our competitive advantage findings to optimize product/service positioning.


We focus on resources and capabilities in determining advantage.  We perform value chain assessments, advise on organizational design, conduct ARC analysis, assess strategy alignment, perform industry analysis, perform competitor intelligence, and advise on workforce knowledge flows, tools, systems, and coordination.


We assist clients with strategy-to-sales alignment, business model analysis, change management, economic profit/sales growth assessments, and other improvement initiatives.


We advise clients on organic growth and M&A strategies, organizational scaling, cross-border and foreign market expansion, portfolio fitness testing, and product/service portfolio value maximization.


We collect customer data, perform cluster analysis, and select segmentation variables to build dynamic customer segmentations that feed into market sizing models.  


Management advisory is our base-level strategy service offering and the majority of our managed services engagements include this service.  We address ownership & shareholder matters, operations management matters, foreign operations and compliance, and general management matters.  Our focus is to combine insights from our managed services practice along with our industry expertise to help clients better control their business drivers to achieve results.

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