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Corporate Advisory &
Managed Services

Our solutions are tailored to small and medium size companies
who operate in a variety of industries and geographies worldwide
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We form long lasting strategic partnerships with clients through our managed services solutions that we architect to a company’s requirements.  Our B2B focus as a CPA firm, along with a concierge approach to supporting a defined corporate client base, allows us to maintain high availability to respond to the most difficult business and regulatory challenges when they arise - and they always arise. 


Our clients are small and medium size companies that operate very dynamic organizations in a variety of industries around the world. 

Although we work with clients to establish the policies and routines that govern our work in managing their day-to-day processes, we are available to respond to ad-hoc requests.  This results in our people being just as responsive as an in-house team.

We provide the execution capability for companies to successfully maintain corporate administration, human capital management, financial governance, and strategy management.


Our greatest assets are intangible, that is, the brilliant minds of our people and their contributions to our knowledge base gained through practice as a firm.  We make significant investments annually in the latest technologies that support our people, clients, and processes.  It is our talented people who provide the insights from which our clients make decisions.

Companies understand they can gain competitive advantage through utilizing 
Teel & Company's expertise by smartsourcing and outsourcing certain corporate functions 

Provides the knowledge and structure for companies to maintain their corporate regulatory obligations

Executes the routine administrative tasks in employment activities and interacts daily with our client's employees to resolve their concerns

Builds capabilities that include controllership, tax, and finance

Augments management's strategy capability with comprehensive solutions that provide real data and new insights for decision making

We provide a wider portfolio of solutions, stretching beyond
traditional CPA practice audit & tax-centric offerings
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