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Human Capital Management

Building Human Capital with Professionals that Understand People

Teel & Company interacts directly with our client's workforce to provide knowledge and insights to employees with the sensitivity and guidance they need to address matters that are most important to them and their families.  Compensation, taxes, benefits, and legislative changes are just some of the concerns that are regularly discussed.  At the same time, we are working with management on recruiting, refining incentive plans, and building initiatives to execute plans that rely on people to build value.

Our human capital management ("HCM") solution is designed to help management build an organizational culture that consistently delivers value.  For example, we know that in order to align an organization to its strategy, that compensation and incentives must drive behaviors that produce the desired outcomes in the strategy.

Our project-based corporate advisory HCM offerings that address organizational behavior and development & performance stem from our strategy advisory offerings.  These solutions address organizational design, leadership development, and change management as well as other HCM corporate advisory offerings.

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Teel & Company executes the routine administrative tasks in employment
activities and interacts daily with our client's employees to resolve their concerns


We process payrolls on time, at the pay frequency our client specifies.  We update payrolls with required legislative and tax changes as required to ensure accurate payrolls, payroll tax filings, and employee payments.


We advise management on hiring best practices, draft employment offer letters, conduct background checks, verify U.S. I-9 work authorizations, prepare, distribute, and process new hire forms packages, and coordinate communications between candidates and hiring managers.  Altogether, we maintain a fully documented and compliant hiring structure.


We manage and maintain compliance activities such as responding to inquiries made by federal/state/county/municipal authorities, coordinate issues with legal counsel as required, and provide guidance to management in resolving personnel matters.  We provide best practices and guidelines in managing employment policies.


One of the biggest challenges in incentive plans is matching the financial models to the legal agreements and documented plans.  We eliminate these complexities to efficiently manage the incentive cycle, as well as guide management on developing pay for performance plans.  In connection with these services, we also provide compensation advisory.  We obtain market compensation data, recommend salary scales, advise on employment contracts, determine employer tax impacts, and perform other related activities.


We coordinate with Third Party Administrators ("TPAs") and manage healthcare plans, retirement plans and compliance, ancillary benefits, and implement new legislative and tax regulations.  We also process employee plan changes and maintain electronic documentation.


We work with management to deploy HCM systems that efficiently manage employee appraisal processes, as well as align these activities to incentive compensation planning and the client's business strategy.  We define the workflows for the assessment process, evaluation criteria, advise on soft skills in conducting performance reviews, and assist in processing performance reviews.

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