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Corporate Administration

Navigating Regulations with Professionals that Know the Territory

The United States with its federal government, 51 state governments, and thousands of county and municipal governments can be a challenging place for companies to do business.  Managing each of these regulatory frameworks successfully within a jurisdiction means having consistent processes.  Teel & Company provides the knowledge and structure for companies to maintain their corporate regulatory obligations.

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Our corporate administration solution is designed to help companies maintain routine corporate compliance, as well as manage new legislative requirements, unfamiliar jurisdictions, uncertainty, and risk by providing structure, clarity, and reliable processes. 

In certain situations such as labor and tax, these matters may transcend the corporate administration function.  In those cases, we respond by combining services from our human capital management and financial governance managed services to provide a comprehensive solution.

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Teel & Company provides the knowledge and structure for companies 
to maintain their corporate regulatory obligations


We advise companies on business entity selection, advantages and disadvantages of various jurisdictions, determining the tax impacts on the existing corporate structure, and coordinating all aspects to finalize the new company formation process.


We work with clients to establish corporate legal residence in states who need a brick and mortar office through working with our real estate partners.  We also provide virtual office solutions to clients as needed to establish legal addresses and manage postal mail handling.


We prepare and file annual reports in all U.S. states as required, as well as correspond with authorities.  For certain states that impose franchise taxes, we prepare the necessary calculations and supporting documentation to ensure complete filings.   


We advise on required business insurance coverages, maintain insurance policies and premium payment schedules, provide referrals to insurance partners, coordinate renewals, obtain certificates of insurance and respond to inquiries and requests made by insurance brokers and carriers.


We assist clients in preparing federal, state, county, and municipal, regulatory reports. For example, we commonly prepare reports required by the U.S Department of Commerce, Federal Trade Commission as well as several state and county agencies.  


We provide senior business and finance professionals with strong legal, accounting, subject matter expertise, and compliance backgrounds to serve in roles as needed by clients.  

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