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Financial Governance

Corporate Finance Delivered Through a Public Accounting Model

Teel & Company performs corporate finance, tax, and accounting work in the same manner as employees inside the company, however, we deliver our work through a public accounting services model that is subject to regulations.  In the United States for example, our licensed professionals are subject to Internal Revenue Service Circular 230, AICPA professional standards, state licensing boards, and other rules.  This ensures that our daily work inside client organizations is held to the highest standards and refined by compliance.

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Our financial governance solution is designed to assist companies in building capabilities that include controllership, tax, and finance.  Additionally, we provide project-based, corporate advisory services to our managed services clients as needed.  As we scale and grow with our clients, we can provide more sophisticated corporate advisory offerings as our client's business becomes more complicated.  We have developed these services offerings that we tailor, based on a company's needs and stage of growth.

Teel & Company builds capabilities that include controllership, tax, and finance

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Outsourcing the controllership function to Teel & Company provides companies with additional capabilities that include expert guidance, accuracy, consistency, reliability, and timely accounting month-end closes and management reporting, utilizing rigid internal controls.  We know that that when companies can report the prior month’s results to management within a few days of month-end, they have more days in the month to execute on plans and coordinate their organizations to improve financial performance.

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Our depth of knowledge ranges from managing state and local tax matters to complex international tax matters.  We build a tax compliance function for companies that eliminates the burden of tax administration.  When combined with our controllership offering, we can forecast tax outcomes that give management ample time to respond to issues or modify tax strategies promptly if needed.  This integrated and proactive approach to tax compliance derisks tax scenarios and improves after tax cash flows.

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Finance and accounting are not the same and finance serves an entirely different purpose.  Large companies demonstrate this concept by maintaining separate accounting and finance teams.  Our company finance solution deploys the same approaches that are used in corporate finance by providing regular financial planning & analysis, advising on financial strategy, day-to-day management of working capital, assisting in obtaining financing, maintaining debt covenant compliance, and working with clients to raise capital. 

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