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We deliver capabilities and knowledge to companies that help them grow


We have lived in the same seats as our clients and have dealt with the same issues in our former roles as management team members in other companies

Teel & Company is a corporate accounting and strategy advisory firm that manages corporate functions for companies.  We deliver our solutions to companies worldwide through our broad-based corporate advisory and managed services offerings.  We tightly integrate into our client's organization by combining the talent of our professionals along with our proprietary processes, know-how, automation, and back-end applications.

Our clients are small and medium size companies who are committed to growth in a variety of industries that need experts to build, manage, and scale their administrative, human resources, finance, and strategy functions. 

The firm's leadership has served as officers and directors in multinational and private companies servicing Fortune 500 customers.  Given our unique backgrounds as former leaders in companies, we have a deep understanding of our client's issues and challenges.  We have been at the center of day-to-day operations, global expansion, developing new product and service offerings, mergers & acquisitions, managing Board and investor expectations, and dealing with regulatory constraints.



Teel & Company was founded on the premise that if companies govern their value chain correctly, including finance, human capital, corporate administration, and strategy activities, they will increase their enterprise value at a faster rate. Most companies don't pay close enough attention to these activities and underestimate the impact they have on enterprise value.

We help companies grow through a long-term strategic partnership with an emphasis on building enterprise value. Whether management aspires to grow through multinational expansion or regional in-country expansion, we are by our client's side to prepare them for the challenges that exist through the various stages of growth.

We support larger size companies at becoming more efficient in managing various corporate functions, facilitating information flows, and realizing sustainable cost advantages that contribute to enterprise value.


We form lasting partnerships with companies in industries such as construction, financial services including family offices, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, retail, technology, and other industries.


Our clients range from companies operating one business entity in their home country, to multinational companies operating several subsidiaries around the world.  We assist U.S. companies with their outbound expansion efforts and assist international companies with their U.S. market entry and inbound expansion into the Americas.


Our solutions scale with clients over time and are carefully aligned to their strategic objectives, as well as provide execution plans that build a strong, efficient value chain.

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