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Teel & Company, a CPA and strategy advisory firm, is dedicated to helping companies reconfigure their value chain to unleash their full competitive advantage.



Our synergistic partnership with clients extends their capabilities and allows them to allocate key resources more effectively in the pursuit of profitable growth. To help our clients execute this plan, our approach is based on the following guiding principles.

1 Build the Foundation

Firms require reliable data and statistics to make decisions in an efficient, risk-mitigating fashion. Consumption of that data originates from various internal and external sources. We help clients acquire, present, and maintain the information they need to make decisions, while addressing practices in the business that contribute to competitive advantage, maintain compliance with regulations, and reduce risk.

2 Extend Capabilities

Most industries around the world today are growing faster than ever and firms are competing at new levels. We work with clients on long-term strategies that reshape their business to utilize their most important resources that grow the business.

3 Chart the Course

Management teams have various decisions to make under considerable uncertainties. We bring unique perspectives to clients that help them navigate uncertainty and achieve their objectives.

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